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Yamldocs is a markdown document generator based on YAML files, written in PHP with Minicli. It can be used as a standalone app or included as a Composer bin command to be used within existing projects. It is useful to create automated reference docs that can be customized through templates and a common builder interface.

Use Cases

Here’s a few scenarios where Yamldocs can be useful in a project:

  • You have a collection of YAML files and would like to bootstrap markdown documentation to describe them, following a standardize template
  • You want an easier and standardized way to generate comparison or specification tables in markdown
  • You want to build an automated pipeline to generate docs based in configuration files (YAML)

Check out the Getting Started Guide for more information on how to install and use Yamldocs. Check also the tutorial on how to create a custom builder to render comparison tables in markdown for a more concrete usage example.