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Configuration Options

To overwrite default settings, you can create a yamldocs.yaml config file in the root of your application, where you have Yamldocs set up as a dependency.

Currently, there are three main settings:

  • debug: (boolean) default is set to true.
  • templatesDir: (string) default is set to the source Yamldocs folder. You can replace this with your own directory containing custom templates.
  • builders: (array) expects an array that sets an identifier as key and the path to a valid class implementing the BuilderInterface. The identifier is used to select this builder when running yamldocs build.

Example 1: Setting up Templates Folder

templatesDir: templates

This will make Yamldocs look for templates in a templates folder in your application’s root directory.

Example 2: Setting up Custom Builders

  default: Builders\DefaultBuilder
  custom: App\MyCustomBuilder

This will set up two builders: the default builder, which is built-in, and the custom builder that you defined in a class at the namespace App\MyCustomBuilder.