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Creating Custom Builders

Creating a custom builder is useful when you have a fixed YAML structure and you want to obtain more polished results, enriching data or focusing on specific nodes from the source files.

To create a custom builder, you must create a class that implements the BuilderInterface interface.

The interface requires two methods to be implemented:

public function configure(array $options = []): void;

public function getMarkdown(Document $document): string;

The configure method can be used to bootstrap configuration options within the builder upon creation.

The getMarkdown method is where the build should happen; you must return here a string. It will be used as the content section of the reference page template.

The TestBuilder is a simple example that can be used as template:


namespace Builders;

use App\BuilderInterface;
use App\Document;

class TestBuilder implements BuilderInterface
    public function configure(array $options = []): void

    public function getMarkdown(Document $document): string
        return "test";

Once you have your custom builder, you need to set it up in a yamldocs.yaml configuration file in the root of your application:

  default: Builders\DefaultBuilder
  test: App\TestBuilder

Check also our tutorial on how to create a custom builder to render comparison tables in markdown.